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[vc_column_text]The deaconess board is elected by the congregation to assist the Board of Deacons in caring for members and faithful attendees who are in nursing homes, assisted living or temporarily confined to their own homes.  They also connect regularly with people who are struggling with age or medical restrictions but are still able to attend church most of the time.

Regular visits and prayer support is given to the individuals assigned to each deaconess in order to build friendship, to encourage them in the faith and to remind them that the church cares for them.  .

Deaconesses provide practical support to families during times of crisis, typically in the form of meals that are delivered to their homes.  The website mealtrain.com has been very valuable in allowing deaconesses and members of the congregation to sign up online when needed.  It provides a calendar that shows when the meals are needed and sends out reminder emails to those that have signed up.   The deaconess board also oversees the preparation and serving of funeral receptions when there is a death in our church family.

Congregation members can get involved by providing meals and helping with funeral luncheons.  The deaconesses would welcome the support from the congregation!  Please contact the church office for more information.

Current list of active members:  Nancy Bodenstab, Claire Bylina, Karen Cummings, Peggy Gerardi, Marie Jahne, Judy Kump, Lynn MacPherson, Carol Pearson, Adrienne Polenz, and Nancy Spooner

For more information, please contact the church office at 518-374-4546.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]