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Operations Boards


The Operations Board is primarily responsible for the buildings and grounds of First Pres.- their use, maintenance and appearance. Operations Board is also the clearinghouse for changes in use for church property. Please check with Operations Board before painting, remodeling or repurposing any church space.

Operations Board occasionally schedules a work session to allow church members to help with larger tasks. The most common are work days in the Fall to rake leaves and special work parties in the winter to clear snow. These events are announced in the church bulletin or interested volunteers may be contacted by e-mail or phone.
Should you enjoy particular tasks like cleaning, painting, gardening, electrical, plumbing, etc., please contact Operations Board for occasional work opportunities to support the upkeep of the property.
For all concerns regarding church property feel free to contact Rob Roy, chairman, Operations Board at (518) 393-0836 or robertroy@nycap.rr.com.
Each Wednesday morning at 9:00 volunteers assemble to take on tasks arranged by Tim Shaut, the church business manager/sexton. After the project time the group meets in the parlor for coffee and calories, and a devotional led by one of the men.