Sunday Mornings

Sunday School – 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM

We offer Sunday School classes for children and teens from age 4 through 12th grade in our Children’s & Youth Building.  Nursery care is provided for children ages 3 and under.  We use curriculum from Great Commission Publications.  Find out more at

Worship Service – 10:30 AM

A Message to Parents

Here at First Pres., children are an integral part of our church family.  So, we welcome children to be a part of our worship services and pray that they will grow to be fully participating members of Christ’s church in both the worship services and in church life.  Children learn by watching what we do.  They will learn to worship in part by watching you sing, pray, listen, and read along.  During the service quietly explain the different parts and encourage them to join in.  We know that children wiggle, so please relax.  Teaching children to worship and know God and to develop a saving relationship with him is the goal more than just training them to sit still and be quiet.  If you need to leave the service with your child, feel free to do so, but please come back.  We want to support and encourage you as you parent your child.

  • Children’s Bibles and Crayons: Easy to read children’s Bibles, and small boxes of crayons, are located on the welcome table for children to use during the service.
  • Nursery: Our nurseries are staffed by caring volunteers who have been screened according to our church protection policy and are located on the 1st floor of our children’s building, Turnbull House. Our nurseries have a paging system and parents, including visitors, are given a number so they can be notified if their child needs them. There is a small black screen on the wall above and to the right of the pulpit where your number will be displayed in red if you are needed. Infant and Toddler Nursery: from birth through age 2. Preschool Nursery: for ages 3 through 4 years.  5 year olds are welcome in the nursery during the sermon portion of the service, or for the whole service if needed.
  • Mother’s Room: We have a private quiet space for mothers and their babies next to the infant nursery in our children’s and youth building, Turnbull House.

Ministries & More

Kid’s Zone
Kid’s Zone is our ministry program to children in Kindergarten through 5th grade.  The program includes Bible lessons, games, activities & more.

Youth Group
Our youth group is for teens in grades 6 through 12.  Please contact the Church Office for our current schedule.

First Pres. Mom’s Group
Our mom’s group meets once a month for fellowship, support, prayer and a short devotional. The group is for mothers with children in High School and younger.

Special Events & Programs
There are a variety of special events throughout the year for children to participate in. Some examples are: annual church picnic, church decorating for Christmas, Christmas caroling, youth choir and chimes, outings to a zoo or park, singing at a nursing home, church dinners, prayer meeting, annual missions conference.

Vacation Bible School
Each summer we hold a week long VBS program with a fun theme and activities. VBS is for children who will be entering Kindergarten through 6th grade the following fall.

Youth Choir & Youth Bells
Youth Choir and Youth Bells meet at various times throughout the year to rehearse musical pieces for special services such as Christmas and Easter.  Children also sing for residents of local nursing homes.  Youth choir is for children and teens from Kindergarten through 12th grade and Youth Bells is for children and teens from 2nd through 12th grade.


General Questions

What is Turnbull House?
Turnbull House is the name for our children’s and youth building here at First Pres. It is the brick building on the right as you enter the parking lot. Our nurseries and children’s and youth Sunday School classes are located in this building as well as most children’s and youth programs and events, such as Kids Zone and Youth Group. The entrance is at the rear of the building just off of the parking lot. There is an inner door that is locked for security.  Visitors can ring the doorbell and we will be happy to welcome you and show you and your children where to go.

How are age groups divided?
Our Children’s Ministries department is for children from birth through 5th grade. Our Youth Ministries Department is for students from 6th through 12th grade with Middle School for 6th-8th grade and Senior High for 9th – 12th grade.

What if my child has allergies or special needs?
At First Pres. we welcome the opportunity to work with parents with children who have special needs.  We desire to assist parents in meeting their child’s spiritual, physical and emotional needs to ensure a positive experience while here. Our nurseries are peanut and nut free and we can accomodate food allergies for older children as needed.

Our PCA denomination has a ministry, Engaging Disability, whose mission is “to engage people touched by disability with the gospel, for their salvation and spiritual growth and to equip churches to enfold them into all areas of congregational life and ministry.” We desire, with God’s help and guidance, to mirror this mission as we serve children here at First Pres.  Learn more about this ministry at the Engaging Disability website.


Where are the nurseries located?
Nurseries are located on the first floor of Turnbull House down the hallway and towards the front of the building.

Can you tell me more about your nurseries?
During our 10:30 morning worship service we have two separate nurseries. We provide an infant nursery for children ages birth-2 and a toddler nursery for ages 3-4. Five year olds are welcome to use the nursery during the sermon portion of the service as needed. Our nurseries are staffed by caring volunteers who have been screened in order to serve.

Worship Service

Is your worship service child friendly?
Children’s Bibles and small boxes of crayons are also available for children to use.  These items are located on the welcome table in the entryway of our church sanctuary.

Sunday School

Where are children’s and youth Sunday School classes located?
Our 4yr olds & Kindergartners Sunday School class is located on the first floor of Turnbull House in the toddler nursery. Sunday School classes for children in elementary, middle, and high school are located on the second floor of Turnbull House.

What curriculum is used for Children’s and Youth Sunday School classes?
We use curriculum from Great Commission Publications for preschool, elementary, middle, and high school classes.  More information can be found at the GCP website.